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Throughout the Community Manager trainings, you will explore community-building strategies, and learn about how to moderate and engage your online community. The trainings are organized around topics that can be applied to non-profits and interest communities, as well as brands and agencies.

Course 1: People use Meta technologies to stay connected with local and global communities, discover what’s going on in the world and express what matters to them. Communities can help people access a network of peers with shared interests. Overseeing and running a community is called community management. The key task of community managers is to build, grow and maintain a meaningful community. This training will help you define the mission, goals and success criteria for a community and establish its guidelines.

Course 2: Communities thrive when they have strategies in place to support their mission. In this training, you'll examine key processes that community managers use to build and scale online communities. Learn how to create personas to help define your audience based on information you gather from member conversations, surveys and insights. Develop a consistent community brand to make it easier for people to recognize your brand across Meta technologies. Plan a successful launch strategy with defined milestones, objectives and success metrics. Use a combination of organic and paid growth strategies to expand your membership base, and establish partnerships with other organizations to amplify the impact of your community.

Course 3: Part of the role of a community manager is to create and curate engaging content. In this course, you'll learn best practices and tools needed to build an engaging content strategy that aligns with your community mission, goals and audience needs. Learn how you can use insights to share relevant content at times your audience is most active. Consider how you may include global and local news, holidays, festivities, viral memes and internet challenges. Inspire and engage your members by sharing relevant news, reels, stories, fundraisers, guides, polls and online events.

Course 4: Community managers have the ability to cultivate a welcoming culture. In this course, you'll learn how to engage and moderate your online community by onboarding new members, encouraging member-to-member connections, managing conflict and using our Community Standards to keep your community safe.

Course 5: Community managers review data and analyze insights on an ongoing basis to determine the success of their community strategy. In this training, you will learn how to assess the performance of your content and collect insights to make informed decisions. Help your online community become financially sustainable by using revenue sources such as donations, memberships, sales and partnerships to generate income.

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