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Elevar y Celebrar Chat: Empowering the Latinx Community

The first Elevar y Celebrar chat for Hispanic Heritage Month begins with Brittany Chavez, founder of Shop Latinx. Facebook’s Local Policy and Community Engagement Lead, Mayra Vazquez, sits down with Brittany to discuss her platform Shop Latinx, the leading lifestyle marketing of fashion and beauty products by and for Latinas in the US, and how the community has driven her business. Brittany will share marketing tactics for a brand to grow their following, why Shop Latinx is more than just a shopping platform, and discuss how the Latinx community holds $1.5 trillion in annual purchasing power. Be sure to tune in on the Elevate Facebook Page on Friday September 25th at 10am PT.

La primera sesión Live de Elevar y Celebrar por el mes de la herencia latina comienza con Brittany Chavez, la fundadora de Shop Latinx. Brittany va a ser entrevistada por Mayra Vazquez, Líder de Regulaciones Locales y Enlazo con la Comunidad de Facebook. Mayra conversará con Brittany acerca de su plataforma Shop Latinx, el sitio número uno de venta de productos de moda y belleza por latinas y para latinas, y cómo ha crecido su comunidad. Brittany también nos contará cuáles son las tácticas más efectivas para generar ventas, cómo opera Shop Latinx y más detalles sobre el poder adquisitivo de la comunidad latina, estimado en $1.5 Trillones. No te lo pierdas este viernes 25 de Septiembre a las 10am PT en la página oficial de Facebook Elevate.

Brittany Chavez | Guest Speaker

Brittany Chavez is a Guatemalan-Nicaraguan founder born and raised in Los Angeles. She is the co-founder and CEO of Shop Latinx, the leading lifestyle marketplace and fashion and beauty products by and for Latinas in the U.S. Brittany is passionate about Latinx + PoC entrepreneurship and has dedicated the last five years to being a bridge in the tech, Latinx, and fashion ecosystems. Shop Latinx speaks to the nuances of the modern Latina/x, who stays on top of modern trends and has a strong affinity and pride for their culture. They carry products in the fashion, skincare, wellness, and accessories categories. All brands in their marketplace are Latinx/POC owned and the products are created with intentions that are both ethical and sustainable. They pride themselves in building a culture that is highly inclusive, values creativity, values representation across Latinidad, and values gender diversity across binary and non-binary people.

Mayra Vazquez | Host

Mayra was born and raised in National City, CA, a low income, predominantly Latino community located 12 miles north of the US-Mexico border. Early on she learned the importance of resiliency and the value of earning an education for a more prosperous future. She is passionate about providing access and opportunities for upward mobility and economic empowerment to all, especially communities like her own.

Mayra currently leads Facebook’s local policy and community engagement efforts in Chicago and Los Angeles, actively building community and providing access and opportunities to Facebook programs and resources. She began her career at the San Diego City Council where she led community and business outreach efforts and advised on economic development policy. She later joined the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce — the largest chamber on the West Coast — where she worked with businesses, all levels of government, nonprofits and academia on trade, education, and workforce development policies that spurred economic growth in the cross-border region. During her tenure, she co-authored an agreement with the Mexican Senate, revamped a policy committee, and co-developed a bi-monthly binational forum.