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Co-founder and Managing Partner


Tiffany is an award-nominated Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur and Content Creator leading High Season Co., a social media agency based between Toronto and Montreal.

As Managing Partner of High Season Co., Tiffany directs social strategy and oversees operations, while designing campaigns for multinational brands, celebrities and business owners across the continent. Prior to taking the entrepreneurial leap, Tiffany honed her craft in marketing at one of Quebec’s leading law firms while also freelancing as a social media consultant and manager. She attributes her attention to detail, consumer intuition and thirst for knowledge to her time at Apple.

A liquid enthusiast, Tiffany is known to turn any interest into a business. She has played major roles in the creation, production and development of BAOS Podcast, one of Canada’s premier craft beer podcasts and web series, along with her own wine, spirits and coffee brand, LiquidxHappiness. Leveraging her unique aesthetic and photography skills, she has personally collaborated with various North American tourism boards, popular brands like A&W, Bacardi, Angostura, and Allbirds, as well as an array of wine producers and distributors.